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  1. What is a virtual race?
    A virtual race can be run or walked anytime, anywhere. The point is to get out and move while raising money for charity and making a positive impact.

  2. How does this race work?
    Register, join the Race for the Trails Strava Club, run during the week of October 2 through 8, and your mileage will be tracked and displayed on the club leaderboard. Distance, elevation gain, and pace winners will be declared at the end of the competition.

  3. Are there any medals or other awards?
    Unfortunately, no. We wanted to quickly mobilize the running community to make a positive impact as a response to the Columbia Gorge wildfires.

  4. Can anyone participate?
    Absolutely. All abilities and age levels are welcome. Just be sure to track your activity as a run or trail run so it will appear on the leaderboard. No cycling, please.

  5. What is Strava? How will I track my distance?
    Sign up with Strava here and use the Strava app on your phone or a connected GPS device to track your progress.

  6. What if I can’t complete 50k?
    No sweat. Just know that you’re making a difference by joining your fellow runners and contributing to a great cause.

  7. How do I register?
    You can access the registration page here!

  8. How much of each registration fee goes to charity?
    Other than a small charge of $2.50 that goes to the registration company, 100% of the registration fee goes to Friends of the Columbia Gorge.

  9. Can I donate more than $25?
    Absolutely, by selecting to donate during the registration process or by visiting Friends of the Columbia Gorge and donating directly.

  10. Who are Friends of the Columbia Gorge and why should I care?
    “The only non-profit organization dedicated entirely to ensuring that the beautiful and wild Columbia Gorge remains a place apart, an unspoiled treasure for generations to come.” Sounds pretty great, right? Learn more at their website.

  11. Who designed that gorgeous logo?
    Why, that would be Portland’s own brilliant designer, accomplished ultrarunner, badass climber, and all-around hustler, Grant Garrett.

  12. Who’s organizing this thing?
    My name is Philip Krooswyk. I’m a mid-pack, ultrarunning Oregonion who first started trailrunning and hiking in the Columbia River Gorge. As a web designer and runner, I was motivated to do whatever I could to help the Gorge recover from these terrible fires. The amazing running and hiking communities have inspired me so much over the years, I knew we could come together to do something great.